How to choose the medical elevator?

How to choose the medical lift

1, the lift environment for the patient’s comfort requirements; (such as whether to install special air-conditioning for lifts, the current large hospitals are installed special air-conditioning for lifts)

2, the elevator safety system requirements; (such as whether there is a double safety system: double safety clamp or two-way safety clamp, two-way speed limiter. The patient can’t afford to be tossed around.)

3, the lift power failure emergency requirements; (in case of power failure, the patient in the elevator can be quickly evacuated)

4, the lift performance price ratio; (now the hospital is undergoing restructuring, especially after China’s accession to the wto foreign hospitals and private hospitals should consider the cost of investment.)

5, applicability, safety and practicality as the basic concept of choice.

6, ladder species selection: you can choose machine roomless, hydraulic medical elevator, convenient design and construction