What are the requirements of the elevator door?

Fourth articles

1. The entrance of the sundries elevator car should be provided with no hole door. After the door is closed, the gap between the door leaf, the door leaf and the column, lintel or floor can be as small as possible, and not more than 6mm. With the wear and tear during use, these gaps will become larger and larger, but the final clearance should not be greater than 10mm.
2, the door and its frame should not be deformed under normal opening and closing. When the door lock is locked, the force of 300N is used vertically to any position of the door fan, and the force is evenly distributed on the circular or square area of the 5cm2. The door fan should have no permanent deformation, or its elastic deformation is not more than 15mm, and the door can still operate normally after the test.
3, each gate should provide electrical and mechanical safety interlock. If a door is open, the elevator should not start or stop the elevator. The elevator should not open the door unless it is in the unlocked area. The lock area should not exceed the level of 75mm at the level of the storey station. The door lock locking element shall be at least 5mm. At least, there is an emergency reset device that can reset automatically at the gate of the terminal station.
4. Guide devices should be installed on both sides of the top and bottom and vertical sliding layers of the horizontal sliding door, and ensure that the door is not derailed, stuck or misplaced during the operation of the terminal. The doors of vertical sliding doors should be fixed on two independent suspension components.
5, each gate entrance should be equipped with a ground floor. The horizontal distance between the floor and the sedan can not be greater than 25mm.
“Our current elevator management stipulates that there is no clear requirement for the time limit used by the elevator, and it does not require an elevator to be used automatically for 20, 30, or 50 years.” Li Lin introduced that the use environment of the elevator itself is quite related to its service life. If an elevator uses a high temperature and high acid, the lifespan of the lift may not be very long. Conversely, if the service environment is good and the service conditions are good, the lifespan of the elevator will be longer.
However, Li Lin pointed out that there is a corresponding assessment requirement for the current elevator management regulations. “If I think the failure rate of this elevator may be improved or I think the elevator should be replaced, the elevator replacement time can be adjusted by assessing the performance of the elevator.” Li Lin introduced, in normal circumstances, the elevator manufacturing units, installation units, inspection units about a month or so can basically complete the evaluation and replacement of the elevator.