Several questions to be understood by elevator users

Sixth articles

One, management: not due diligence will be investigated and dealt with
The safe operation of the elevator needs meticulous and comprehensive management. We can compare the “measures” to see whether the elevator management is in place. If it is not in place, it is necessary to remind the elevator to use the manager, or report to the quality supervision department, and investigate the management of the elevator.
The elevator uses 11 management responsibilities. Mainly: in the elevator car or the significant position of the entrance and exit of the elevator, the elevator use safety precautions, warning and effective elevator use sign; when the inspection and inspection unit informs the elevator that the elevator has the hidden trouble, it should immediately suspend the use of the hidden danger elevator, and take the corrective measures with the elevator maintenance unit immediately. Eliminate hidden dangers, do a good job of eliminating the record of hidden dangers in time; take measures to soothe the trapped people quickly when the elevator is trapped and inform the elevator maintenance unit to deal with it. Stop: for more than two days, notice that “when the elevator fails or there are other safety hazards, it should be discontinued.” The person concerned said that at this point, the elevator manager used to put up hidden dangers in a prominent position to warn passengers. If for special reasons, the elevator safety hazard can not be quickly eliminated, and the time needed to stop for more than 48 hours, the manager of the elevator shall notify in time.
Before the elevator is put into use, the manager of the elevator shall apply for inspection, and can be put into use again after passing the inspection.
Two, cost: fund raising
After the expiration of the warranty period, where will the cost come from? The method clarifies the way of raising funds.
According to the understanding of Henan elevator company, the funds for special maintenance of residential buildings have been established, and the special maintenance funds for housing can be applied in accordance with relevant regulations. It should be shared by the owner and the public housing unit according to the proportion of the special maintenance funds of the residential housing, which should be borne by the owner and the related owners according to the proportion of their own property building area. If the fund of the special maintenance of the house is not established or the balance of the special maintenance fund of the house is insufficient, the relevant owner shall bear the cost according to the proportion of its exclusive part of the total area of the building.
Three, security: technical evaluation can be applied
The elevator will be tested according to a certain period. Apart from the inspection cycle, we met some special situations involving elevator safety, and put forward safety technology evaluation.
The evaluation of safety technology includes: the duration of use exceeds the specified life span, the high frequency of failure affects the normal use; it needs to change the main parameters such as the rated weight of the elevator, the rated speed, the size of the car, the form of the car and so on, and the effects of water immersion, fire, earthquake and so on. We can ask the elevator to use the management to entrust the special equipment inspection and inspection organization or the elevator manufacturer to carry out safety technology evaluation.
The elevator can only continue to use the evaluation opinions issued by the special equipment inspection and inspection organization or the elevator manufacturing unit.
Four. Claim: who should find out the question
If the elevator is defective in product quality, it is required to repair, replace, return, and make adult injury or property loss, and can ask for free repair, replacement, return and compensation to the manufacturer or seller.
If an accident is trapped, the elevator should wait for rescue in the car. Seventh actions must not be allowed.
In recent years, with the development of cities, the number of elevators has increased significantly. But many people do not know much about elevator. How is the use and maintenance of the elevator specified? How often do the elevators need to be maintained? What should passengers pay attention to in elevators? With these questions, the reporter interviewed the relevant personnel of the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision.
The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau is mainly divided into two types: Inspection and regular inspection.
In this year’s national special equipment safety law, elevator as a special equipment, its use and maintenance in the legal and technical management point of view have clear requirements.
Cui Lin, chief of the special equipment safety supervision department of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, said that the main problem faced by the elevator in Binzhou is that “part of the use unit can not comply with the requirements of the laws and regulations. One month before the expiration of the expiration of the elevator safety inspection, the application of regular inspection is put forward.”
Wang Chenghua, the chief engineer of the city special equipment inspection institute, told reporters that the Inspection Bureau of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau was divided into two kinds of elevator inspection, one is supervision and inspection, and one is regular inspection. “Supervision and inspection is the acceptance test for newly installed elevators. Regular inspection is the annual periodic inspection of elevators and registered elevators. The inspection is based on the inspection of elevator units, construction units and maintenance units. Elevator safety management personnel should be certified to maintain the emergency rescue telephone for 24 hours.
In the inspection of the elevator in Binzhou, the Quality Supervision Bureau found that there were some problems in the use of elevators in many residential areas. “In the test, we found that some communities have no emergency calls in the elevator, and if the passengers have an accident, they can not maintain an effective contact with the outside world.” Wang Chenghua introduced, in addition to the attention to the use of problems, the residential property companies should also carry out regular inspection and inspection of the elevator, the elevator key should also be registered by the certificate management.
The Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau stipulates that at least one elevator operator should have an elevator safety certificate.