Large tonnage cargo elevator

       Blue Fuji goods elevator furnishes you with a wide load range from 500kg to 5000kg.It can always create more ane more values for you by its most outstsnding performance.
Blue Fujigoods elevator not only is firm and durable in structure, but also has the multiple styles for your selection.its diferent designs can suit the requirements from various architectures.
Blue Fuji goods elevator ully utilizes the advanced and fully computerized employs the mature ac speed governor VVVF control system of Blue Fuji elevator .I is simple in structure and comvenient in repair and tulfils a qualiative lead in the aspects of the signal transmission and running control, it brings about the more stable and reliable system,the lower noise, the smoother Running,the more accurate is more and more easy for the goods entry and addition, Blue Fuji serial goode elevator can offer the micro-pricessor the high speed running capabilities and expansion interfacd ensure to satisty the special requirements form broad users.